Thermally Conductive Tapes

THERMALTape® is a double-sided adhesive tape with ultra-high adhesion strength which can be used to attach componentes and PCI (Circuit Boards) to heatsinks, eliminating the use of mechanical fixing elements (i.e. screws, holders, etc.) ensuring low thermal resistance interface and thus optimizing the heat flow to the environment.


  • PSA adhesive of high performance and high adhesion strength
  • Immediate adhesion to the surface of contact
  • No need to treat the surfaces to be joined
  • Adhesion strength increases over the lifespan of the application
  • High flexibility and conformability


  • Excellent insulating barrier
  • Produces no dirt on the workplace
  • Module rework facility, does not cure and can be removed for replacement of the module
  • Can be easily processed with scissors, blades, etc
  • Excellent value
  • Can be supplied in rolls or die-cut pieces
  • Eliminates the need for screws, holders, clamps, etc.
  • Specially developed for adhesion to aluminum, FR4, etc


  • Custom thicknesses of 0.002'' to 0.02''
  • Can be supplied in rolls from 1/4'' to 40'' width
  • Rolls 80 ft. long
  • Available with 1 or 2 sides with liner


  • Electronics in the automotive industry
  • LED Fixtures
  • LED Tapes
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Fixing of semiconductor to the heatsink


  • THERMALTape should not be used on low energy surfaces, such as aluminum profiles with powder or electrostatic paint. In these cases, masking is required on the mounting surface;
  • For maximum performance, please refer to THERMALTape Application Notes;
  • The end user should perform the necessary tests to guarantee that the product fullfills the aplication’s technical requirements.