Thermal Simulation with CFD

Predictive evaluation of thermal performance of LED light fixtures

Our consulting services and Thermal Simulation with specialized CFD Software, provide a solid foundation for the development of new LED applications, delivering complete predictive analysis, which project the thermal performance of a product, even before the manufacture of a prototype.


Find out what the expected temperature in each component of a system (Junction, heatsink, driver, etc.)

Compare the expected thermal performance of thermal heatsinks with different designs

Find out what is the pattern of behavior and speed of the air around the application

Create opportunities to improve the thermal design of the LED

Cost reduction at the development of new projects, eliminating or substancially decreasing the need for multiple prototypes

Validation of the thermal behavior of the new application, under different constructive scenarios (different components, weather conditions, etc)

Predicting the thermal behaviour of the LED fixture under different operating conditions (temperature, sun, etc.)

Shorter time-to-market cycles for new products