Silicon Adhesives

LEDGlue® is a fluid silicone adhesive, which has been developed to provide excellent thermal conductivity, besides the mechanical attachment of the eletronic components

LEDGlue® adhesives are ideal elastomeric solution for intense heat generating components


  • Excellent mechanical and chemical stability in high and low temperatures
  • Low tack-free time


  • Before curing, the LEDGlue® behaves like a thermal grease, confirming perfectly to the uneveness of the contact surfaces. After curing, it strongly attaches components and does not require the use of screws, holders, etc
  • Material with low mechanical modulus, causing low mechanical stress to the components during assembly
  • Mono-component material, which eases handling and application
  • Offers unlimited possibilities of film thickness, when attaching heat generating componentes to heat dissipating surfaces


  • 300cc Cartridges


  • LED Fixtures
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • ECUs