Dispensable Gap Pads

FORMAPad® combines the best features of a high-performance Thermal Grease and those of Silicone Thermal Pads.

FORMAPad® is available as mono and bi-component products, which are applied in the same way that a liquid adhesive or a thermal grease, filling perfectly even the most uneven surfaces.

After cure, FORMAPad® gets the consistency of a soft and flexible elastomer (like a "pad") which guarantees that it will not dry out, migrate or bleed, delivering reliability and long lifespan for your application.


  • Ultra low hardness module, which guarantees that there will not be any damage caused by superficial pressure to your board components during assembly
  • Ultra conformation even to more complex and intricate geometries of your application
  • Single solution for multiple applications: can suit the conditions of thickness and dimensions of your entire product line
  • Good production efficiency, because material is supplied in 300cc cartridges with mixer nozzle attached, which guarantees zero loss
  • Possibility of customization of the degree of fluidity (viscosity) to suit your production process


  • 30cc Syringes, 1 Kg Jar, 6 oz. Semco & 300cc cartridges, 1 gallon & 5 gallon pails


  • Excellent mechanical and chemical stability
  • Ready for module rework
  • High absorption of mechanical stress and vibration during and after assembly
  • No migration, no drying, no oil bleeding
  • Curing at ambient temperature, but can also be accelered with heat cure


  • LEDs
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • ECU