Potting and
Conformal Coating

Celera has a complete range of solutions for protection of electronic components such as LEDs, drivers, etc. against moisture, dust and other agents that can bring your degradation.
Our products are non-VOC, it means, do not disperse organic volatiles that can damage the appearance and functioning of electronic components.

In addition, our solutions are resistant to UV radiation exposure, which ensures the maintenance of their optical properties even in extreme outdoor environments for more than 20 years.


  • Encapsulation of LED Boards
  • Thermal management and electrical insulation of drivers
  • Conformal coating for moisture and dust protection on electronic boards


  • NON-VOC: no release of  organic volatile compounds that can harm electronic components, LEDs, etc
  • Protection against humidity, dust and mechanical stress
  • Products for sealing levels up to IP67
  • Available in varied packaging
  • Mono and bi-component products, for environment or greenhouse curing

Other Fluids for Sealing